Winter Activity At Gorham Sand & Gravel

Winter in Maine can be brutal; snow storms take out power-lines, below freezing temps that can last weeks, piles of snow making it difficult to even leave the house sometimes. Many companies that work primarily outside slow down during the wintery months. This inevitably results in some lay-offs or shorter working weeks for employees. Though it doesn’t last forever the snow does put a damper on the jobs of people who work in landscaping, construction and other outdoor labor jobs. While our laborers and operators may be working less, the other aspects of Gorham Sand & Gravel are still up and running!

Our office stays busy while our administration is finishing up things from the previous year and preparing for the upcoming season. Orders for material come in intermittently, usually for salt, sand or both. Other companies come to our office with their trucks to stock up with material to prepare for incoming snow and ice. Our drivers are making deliveries to homeowners needing material and to job sites, keeping busy making sure our crews have everything they need to keep running as long as they can.

The shop is full of our mechanics servicing trucks and equipment. It’s important for them to stay on top of annual services and make sure that all vehicles are ready to go as soon as business starts to pick up again. During our busy season it’s not so easy to find time to do the simple things that it takes to keep a vehicle running, so during the slow time of the winter is the perfect time to get up to date on things like inspections, registrations and other minor tune ups.  As for our guys in the field, many of them stay on to plow and work through the winter. Gorham Sand plows as it snows and crews that are able to continue working stay on job sites to finish up loose ends weather permitting, and if there’s a chance we get a nice day they’re in the field working just as hard in the cold as they do in the summer months.

Business sure does slow down during the wintery months but that doesn’t mean we’re closed! We’re still selling and delivering material daily and we’re bidding and quoting jobs getting ready for the season ahead. Give us a call for anything you need, or anything you may need when the snow melts! Stay warm!