Why Does GSG Require Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

From time to time this question is asked by potential employees and customers. There are a number of reasons why pre-employment drug tests are necessary, but the truth of the matter is that we do it for safety. Pre-employment drug tests are a snapshot into the life of someone who we are trusting with our equipment, our vehicles and around the lives of our other employees. We understand that passing a drug test today does not mean that person has never used drugs, but it helps to weed out the candidates that may have a problem with drugs. We are looking for the very best employees, whether they might be a pipe layer, an excavator operator or a supervisor. Drugs and their influences have no place in a safe work environment. If you are 12’ deep in a sewer trench you need to trust that the supervisor has made a clear headed decision and performed a job safety analysis correctly before starting the work. You also need to trust that the Excavator Operator knows where you are in the trench and that your safety is at the forefront of their thoughts. People who use and abuse drugs have competing priorities. There can be no argument that a drug free work place is a safer workplace.

A pre-employment physical provides an independent assessment that the potential employee is capable of performing the tasks associated with the position applied for here at GSG. That is important for the safety of all. These exams not only benefit GSG and our safety they also benefit the potential employee.  On more than one occasion the exam has caught otherwise undiagnosed issues.  High blood pressure, Sleep apnea, vision and hearing issues to name a few. 

In the end it is about safety and preparedness for the task at hand.  We are all safer and better prepared if we are physically capable and are not introducing external factors that adversely affect everyone’s safety.