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What is Garden Blend Topsoil?

Our Garden Blend Topsoil is a mixture of 20% compost and 80% screened loam. This very specific mixture is the perfect balance of compost and topsoil, any more compost could potentially burn up seeds put in the product, any less compost would mean less fertilizer to aid in growth and prosperity of your plants.

Our compost comes from Casella Organics, formerly known as New England Organics. It is produced in Unity, Maine at a compost facility. “The Hawk Ridge Compost Facility uses advanced composting technology…which produces compost with consistent quality, high organic content, microbial life and valuable slow-release nutrients” (

The topsoil (also known as loam) that Gorham Sand & Gravel uses comes from our job-sites where it is screened by our loader operators and mixed with the New England Organics compost. The end product is what becomes our Garden Blend Topsoil. Because of the fertilizer it is an excellent growing component for your gardens, lawns or any other kind of plant growing needs you may have.

If you want to know more about where our compost come from you can click here to go to the Hawk Organic Compost page.