What Does it Take to Build a Road?

That is a common question. The true answer is, it depends on a number of factors.

  1. Where is the road located?
  2. What does it have for below grade infrastructure?
  3. Public water?
  4. Sewer?
  5. Overhead or underground power, telephone, CATV?
  6. Storm water conveyance?
  7. Storm water treatment
  8. Length of the road?
  9. Width of the road
  10. Finished surface gravel or pavement?
  11. Curb?
  12. Sidewalk?
  13. Major cuts or fills?
  14. Ledge to be blasted and removed?
  15. Large ravines, brooks, or rivers to cross with culvert or even a small bridge?
  16. Season in which the construction will take place?
  17. Additional variables included in the approval process (i.e. site lighting, signs, fencing, etc.)?

The good thing is that with our experience stretching over 4 decades now we can make a few educated guesses to help build a better picture of what your costs might be.

The location of the project is important because some areas are known to be clay, some sand, some ledge.  In York we can expect to see ledge, in Sanford we can expect to see sand, in Portland we can expect to see clay or ledge.  Of course this isn’t always 100% true but our history of working in the area will help determine the challenges we might see on any given site.  Each material has its own specific challenges for construction.  The proximity to our gravel pits will influence mobilization and trucking costs.  Buried infrastructure will affect the sequence of construction.  Storm water treatment can be achieved a number of ways but the standard to be met is that pre and post-development runoff must be equal or better.  The length and width of the road will impact the amount of gravel and pavement required.  Curb and sidewalk add cost as well.  Major cuts or fills or large culverts to be installed will disproportionately affect cost as well.  Last but not least, the start date matters.  We get a lot more done in the warm dry days of July than the short cold days of January. 

That is the long answer, here is the short answer: your new road depending on the factors above will cost somewhere between $50 and $500 per foot.  That is a very wide range we know but like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same.  If you want to narrow it down a little give us a call or send an email with the answer to as many questions above as possible.  We will do our best to narrow it down for you.