What Do I Have To Do When I Receive a Notice of Planned Excavation Near my Property Line?

Gorham Sand & Gravel will notify Dig Safe of our planned excavation. Gorham Sand & Gravel will mark the area of excavation with white paint, grade stakes or flags. If we are working on a large portion of the street, we may place marks in the street at the beginning and end of the construction zone, you may not see any white markings directly in front of your property. Dig Safe is a clearing house that notifies all member utilities of the excavation work. The member utilities have the obligation to mark their facilities in the excavation area. Dig Safe and the member utilities do not mark privately owned facilities, that is the responsibility of the property owner.

Privately owned facilities frequently buried in the cities ROW that need to be marked are irrigation lines, gas lines, communication cables, invisible fence, electrical wires for outdoor lighting, water lines and sewer laterals. Sewer laterals are privately owned and need to be marked from the property line to the main or sewer manhole in the street. Water lines are privately owned from the shut off on the property line to your building.

Gorham Sand & Gravel is following the Maine Dig Safe law by notifying you of our planned excavation. Please remember we cannot protect unknown or mis-marked underground facilities in our construction zones. GSG cannot be held liable for any damage due to mis-marks or unmarked facilities.