Shipyard Brewtel

If you’ve been in Portland near the east end in the last few months then you have most likely seen some Gorham Sand & Gravel trucks coming in and out of the Shipyard Brewery. Gorham Sand & Gravel started the Shipyard project in May of 2019. Branching off of the Shipyard brewery in Portland will be a vet pharmacy with an underground parking garage when it’s all said and done, but GSG is only doing the foundation and earthwork. This project includes excavating for a foundation as well as 28′ of deep digging to include the garage. This is a larger project, taking numerous hours and yards of aggregate to complete, potentially taking GSG into next summer. Quite a few of our larger machines have found temporary homes at the Shipyard job, including a long reach CAT excavator to get as deep as possible into the ground. Cofferdams are set in place to help the concrete from the floors and walls take form to create the levels of the parking garage. The next steps include adding drainage and pouring the floors for the parking garage, which will take place next summer.¬†After all the earthwork and foundation is finished Gorham Sand & Gravel will be done with the Shipyard project.