One of Gorham Sand & Gravel’s largest crews have been working at the Hall School in Portland since the summer of 2017. On top of the work that was bid for the job this crew had to deal with traffic and humid Maine summers to get the job done, and they did it in a efficient and timely manner. First a storm water treatment pond was excavated and installed on the north side of the new school. A liner, a layer of drainage sand and a layer of media mix with organics was added to the pond after initial excavation. At the bottom of the pond a space for a 4″ under-drain pipe was dug to lay the pipe down. The significance of this pipe is to run into the catch basin at the end of the pond so the water has continuous movement and doesn’t become stagnant.

After the pond, GSG sub-graded all of the sidewalks surrounding the school. The crew loamed, seeded and mulched the entire dug up area to prepare the area for grass growth. Lastly, the crew put a 1′ x 6″ deep inch and a half round stone drip edge along the side of the building and installed a bike rack. This project has been going steady for about a year now, and the updated pictures are attached to this post.


Client: City of Portland
Location: Portland, ME
Completed: 2018

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