New Gorham Road Work

Road work construction can be hard at times. People are on their way to or from work, in a hurry to get to the next obligation on time. Surrounding homeowners endure the loud noises and messy traffic patterns at the end of their own driveways. We know that having to wait in traffic is never convenient or fun, especially when the construction workers are under the pressure of making sure you get through safely. Giant machines can have quite a few blind spots, and navigating cars through an active job site can be stressful. Our employees are trying to do a job and keep the surrounding people safe, and some people are driving through just thinking of being late to work. This is frustrating on both sides, but we certainly do feel gratitude for the people in and around our communities who show compassion and understand that it’s hard on our workers too. We’re all just trying to get a job done, for some people it’s getting to the hospital on time for your shift as a nurse to help save a life, others it may be getting to the bank to make sure your deposits go through correctly so you can pay your bills on time. For us, this time, we fix the roads. thank you to the residents of New Gorham Road in Westbrook for your kind words this morning. Check out this Portland Press Herald article to see what people are saying about Gorham Sand & Gravel.