Longevity Matters

                Gorham Sand and Gravel was founded by two brothers fresh out of high school in 1987. As a company we pride ourselves on being unified and working well together as a team. While GSG is a prime example of the results of a good work ethic, that isn’t the only thing that keeps our business running. From the very beginning Gorham Sand and Gravel has worked to keep our employees prepared and satisfied both in the field and in their personal lives. One thing that Gorham Sand does exceptionally well is pay close attention to the longevity of our employees. We know that an employee that is happy and loves their job shows that in their work and their attitude. We try to pass this concept down to the newer generation of employees in an effort to raise happy, competent workers that will be here for years to come.

                Our oldest employees have been here for twenty five, twenty two and twenty years out of thirty two years GSG has been in business. These employees have risen up through the ranks of the company finding themselves as respected and extremely valued managers and supervisors. There are also a large handful of employees that have been here seventeen, eighteen and nineteen years. These employees include estimators, supervisors, managers and truck drivers that have become a big part of the smooth daily operation here at Gorham Sand and Gravel.

                A new generation of intelligent men and women will soon be added to the list of GSG’s longevity. Including the second generation of Shaw kids who grew up running around the sand piles they now work with. Not only do we pride ourselves as being family owned and operated, we also love to employ the children of our long lasted workers. We have children and siblings working together throughout all areas of our company. When we say family owned and operated we don’t just mean the owners, we mean everyone!