How We Use 2D & 3D Technology

Both 2D and 3D plans share the same common goal – to provide a visual representation of the architecture and layout of the structure. 2D plans allow us to see the initial design and get a general feel of the space including where the rooms, walkways, doors and windows will be placed. 2D plans don’t always tell the whole story, though. With 3D plans, we’re able to create a detailed visualization of the structure which will allow us to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our work.

The video below is a great example of how we use 3D technology before starting a project to help us discover certain aspects within the plan that have the potential to affect the design and construction progress. The original 2D plan of this property depicts a paved walkway from the garage to the door of the house. What the 2D plan doesn’t show us is the significant grade changes that need to be carefully considered before moving forward. Kevin, who is highly skilled in this technology, made this discovery and was able to bring this information to the forefront, allowing our client to assess the financial and design considerations before moving forward with their project.

When you hire Gorham Sand & Gravel for your project, we’re not just bringing equipment to the jobsite and moving dirt. We’re bringing years of experience, expertise and top-of-the-line technology to ensure your project is completed with efficiency, accuracy and with the utmost attention to detail so your project is completed on time and on budget.