Gravel Pits & Quarries

How many gravel pits and quarries does GSG operate?

That is a simple question, we operate six.  Each location has its own unique set of local and state approval conditions.  Those conditions are set with many factors in mind.  Protection of the resource, operating hours, noise, dust, etc.  We are very proud of our efforts to work with neighbors and approval authorities to minimize the impact of our operations.  The very first thing that comes to mind when considering resources like this is location.  Since the naturally occurring aggregate material is only found in certain places in Maine we must operate where the material is.  Unlike Hannaford or Walmart, we cannot pick a convenient location and set up shop there.  We must go where the resource exists.  We look for a few specific things when assessing the viability of an existing or new operation. 

  1. The size of the property.
  2. The location in proximity to where the aggregate material is needed (the shorter the trucking route the better).
  3. Proximity to neighbors (we find that existing natural buffers help us to be good neighbors)
  4. Access to the property (is the property located on a State numbered route or a local back road that could potentially be posted in the spring?)
  5. Dimensions of the property allowing for a fair amount of material to be harvested inside the appropriate zoning setbacks.

Some of our locations are open every weekday, others are only open if we have a project nearby.

All our pits are in the southern Maine area, from as far south as Sanford to as far north as Gorham. We are always expanding and looking for more material. If you are curious about the value of a piece of land you a have that meets the criteria above please give us a call.  If it all goes well  we might name our next operation after you!