Fall Is A Great Time to Seed Lawns In Maine

Hey folks! Here are a couple of thoughts for your lawn this fall.

Fall Seeding in Maine.

Fall is a great time to seed a lawn. In fact, the optimum time for fall seeding is between August 15th and September 15th. Hot summer temperatures start to moderate as cool Canadian air filters into Maine. Newly planted grass seed has a chance to mature into a thick lush lawn before winter sets in, with less competition from spring weeds. And next spring your lawn will start right where it left off.

Garden Blend Topsoil is Key

The quality of your topsoil is as important as the seed you choose. Ordering garden blend topsoil is easy. Just go to our aggregates store. Use our volume calculator to figure out how much to order. Then, place your order and tell us when and where you want it delivered. Most seeding recommendations suggest anywhere from 4-6” of topsoil.

Dormant Fall Seeding.

Here’s an idea. If you’re too busy and can’t plant your lawn until after September 15th, then, you might want to try dormant fall seeding. Wait until late autumn before spreading grass seeds. They’ll remain dormant all winter, but when spring returns they’ll start sprouting, giving you a jump-start on the next growing season. There are risks — the seeds can be washed or blown away by harsh weather — but it’s a good option for those who don’t want to wait till spring.

Overseeding Your Lawn.

It’s been a hot dry summer here in Maine and your lawn has probably taken a beating from the heat. That bag of grass seed you keep in the garage should have information on the back about recommended seeding rates and overseeding rates. Note the difference: you don’t need to spread as much seed when overseeding lawns as when starting a new lawn.

It is recommended you aerate your lawn with an aerator. You can get one from your local renter center. Spread about a ¼” of topsoil to help the seed get started.

Hope these ideas help you get the lush green lawn you want for next spring!