Road Construction

We understand the material and workmanship needed to meet the demands of Maine winters. The roads we pave have an extended life. Our extensive experience is something you can count on.

We Work All Over Southern Maine

We build roads from the ground up, widen existing roads and repair them. You’ll find us working on roads in subdivisions, towns and municipalities near you. We get hired again and again because of our sensitivity to the concerns and questions of the neighborhoods we work in.

Gravel Roads

We build them with proper drainage as a priority, so you get through mud season without the mud.

Municipal Decision-Makers

Choose Gorham Sand & Gravel time and again because we’re on time and on budget. Ask us, or any of our customers about our 100% on time and on budget ratio for the past five years. We respond immediately to concerns and questions because it’s the way to do business. Our expertise includes:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Sub-Division Roads
  • Grading and Restoration of Gravel Roads
  • Culvert Installation
  • Drainage Work
  • Reclaimed Asphalt

Get a Quote

Click here to see photos of recent road construction work projects. Gorham Sand & Gravel is a proud southern Maine community member- see our links and affiliations.

If you are an owner, developer, engineer or road construction decision-maker, consider Gorham Sand & Gravel for your upcoming project. Get your project started right- get a quote from GSG. Call Gorham Sand and Gravel at 207-839-2442 or email us at