We’re great at prepping sites for the build out, but if you just need something torn down, we’ll get it done. You name it we’ve demolished it: parking garages, buildings, roads and parking lots to name a few. Surprise us!

We Recycle

We can recycle the asphalt, brick, concrete, metal or steel from your demolition, and re-use it at your property or re-use in another project. This recycling approach works because in most cases it reduces the cost of your project and it’s good for the earth.

Plowing, Sanding and Salting

Old man winter can be tough. Let us put together a competitive bid to clear your parking areas and maintain the safety of your facilities.

  • Residential Demolition
  • Building Removal Contractor
  • Demolition Contractor
  • C&D Material Disposal
  • Materials Processing

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We’ve got photos and examples of recent demolition and recycling projects. See what our customer’s say — read our testimonials and see why Gorham Sand & Gravel is right for any job.

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