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Winter Sand

Gorham Sand and Gravel has winter sand which we produced specifically for the colder months for ice control. We usually begin during the end of October to early November as mother nature and demand dictates. We carry it until early spring as needed for the snow. We use clean, coarse sand screened to 3/8” minus [...]

Winter Activity At Gorham Sand & Gravel

Winter in Maine can be brutal; snow storms take out power-lines, below freezing temps that can last weeks, piles of snow making it difficult to even leave the house sometimes. Many companies that work primarily outside slow down during the wintery months. This inevitably results in some lay-offs or shorter working weeks for employees. Though [...]

Gravel or Stone, what’s the difference?

Do you know the difference between gravel and stone? There seems to be a large misconception about the differences between these two products in particular. While they have similar uses, they are very different overall. Ordering the wrong product can be extremely frustrating, it takes up time, money and patience! Having a vague idea of [...]

Know Your Contractor

Sure, you expect to pay a deposit to get your home improvement started but how much do you really need to pay? Quite often when we receive a call from a homeowner that is looking for us to fix another contractors mistakes or problems. The conversation starts with the homeowner explaining that the original contractor […]

What is Garden Blend Topsoil?

Our Garden Blend Topsoil is a mixture of 20% compost and 80% screened loam. This very specific mixture is the perfect balance of compost and topsoil, any more compost could potentially burn up seeds put in the product, any less compost would mean less fertilizer to aid in growth and prosperity of your plants. Our […]

What Kind of Gravel do you Need for your Spring Project?

Gravel has many uses, its purpose can alternate between providing a firm surface to support traffic or buildings and allowing surface water to drain through it while still performing its supporting role. Whether you're trying to make a firm base in a driveway or for a majestic patio. Gravel also comes in many sizes and [...]

Erosion Control Mix

Years ago stumps were cleared and buried. That lead to settling as the stumps decomposed. We now truck the stumps to our DEP licensed recycling facility and grind them into Erosion Control Mix . In most cases ECM (Erosion Control Mix) works better than silt fence!  Plus, being a natural product is better for the [...]

Fall Is A Great Time to Seed Lawns In Maine

Hey folks! Here are a couple of thoughts for your lawn this fall. Fall Seeding in Maine. Fall is a great time to seed a lawn. In fact, the optimum time for fall seeding is between August 15th and September 15th. Hot summer temperatures start to moderate as cool Canadian air filters into Maine. Newly […]

three-quarter inch gravel

Mud Season Solutions

How to Fix a Muddy Driveway It seems like a seasonal right of passage, Mud Season! I am often asked “why can’t I just add some new dry gravel to my driveway, won’t that solve my problem?” The answer is maybe, if at all, for a very short period. Imagine making pancakes for the kids […]