Author: Cori Shaw

Gravel Pits & Quarries

How many gravel pits and quarries does GSG operate? That is a simple question, we operate six.  Each location has its own unique set of local and state approval conditions.  Those conditions are set with many factors in mind.  Protection of the resource, operating hours, noise, dust, etc.  We are very proud of our efforts […]

Longevity Matters

                Gorham Sand and Gravel was founded by two brothers fresh out of high school in 1987. As a company we pride ourselves on being unified and working well together as a team. While GSG is a prime example of the results of a good work ethic, that isn’t the only thing that keeps our […]

Product Variety and Availability

Gorham Sand & Gravel has a vast selection of products and locations to supply all of your construction or landscaping needs. We offer several varieties of sands for anything from pools and sandboxes to backfilling foundations and trenches. We have a variety of gravels for everything from resurfacing your gravel driveway, building patios and walkways […]

New Gorham Road Work

Road work construction can be hard at times. People are on their way to or from work, in a hurry to get to the next obligation on time. Surrounding homeowners endure the loud noises and messy traffic patterns at the end of their own driveways. We know that having to wait in traffic is never […]

Calculating Cubic Yards vs. Tons

Purchasing Material by CY vs TON, and how they Compare Here at Gorham Sand & Gravel we often get questions relating to purchasing material by the cubic yard versus purchasing material by ton and how the rates compare. It is important when pricing material that you understand the difference to ensure you are getting the […]

What Does it Take to Build a Road?

That is a common question. The true answer is, it depends on a number of factors. The good thing is that with our experience stretching over 4 decades now we can make a few educated guesses to help build a better picture of what your costs might be. The location of the project is important […]

Why Does GSG Require Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

From time to time this question is asked by potential employees and customers. There are a number of reasons why pre-employment drug tests are necessary, but the truth of the matter is that we do it for safety. Pre-employment drug tests are a snapshot into the life of someone who we are trusting with our […]

Winter Sand

Gorham Sand and Gravel has winter sand which we produced specifically for the colder months for ice control. We usually begin during the end of October to early November as mother nature and demand dictates. We carry it until early spring as needed for the snow. We use clean, coarse sand screened to 3/8” minus [...]

Winter Activity At Gorham Sand & Gravel

Winter in Maine can be brutal; snow storms take out power-lines, below freezing temps that can last weeks, piles of snow making it difficult to even leave the house sometimes. Many companies that work primarily outside slow down during the wintery months. This inevitably results in some lay-offs or shorter working weeks for employees. Though [...]